Old List of stuff

Additional Trailer music for Stenwyken

Soon to be working on "The Gauntlet" Medieval Horror film

-Fools Gold - composer - (western style goldrush film by Ali Akbar)

-Their Feast (Egyptian film)- Audio mixer

-Bathroom Etiquette (comedy) - Composer

-The Ride (comedy) short film - Composer

-7geese star wars sound alike (comedy) comercial - composer

-Location sound recording for "Chase"

-Music placed in yoga videos by Laura Martini

-War Flowers - additional composer

Civil war movie featuring Crisina Ricci

-extra in "In The End", and "Stenwyken"

-Splinter cell video - composer

-Universal ninja - composer/sound designer

-Recorded audio for Rockstar Academy TV show

- Audio Engineer for Chasing Mood

(season 2)

-Scythia "Red Wizard" mini series background music

-Assistant audio engineer for some scenes in "Hellcats" season 1 TV show

-Background Extra as a villager and "dark one" in "In the Name Of the King 2"

-Composed the intro and outro theme to

"Remember they Keys" by Conor Loftus

Zombie Film

- Dead Enders (film) - Additional Composer

Horror film

-Playing in Darkness (short film) - Composer


Bands/video games:

The viking way -Music composer

Lines - music and SFX

Clash of mages II - will include my music as well!

Clash of Mages - composer

Battle Froggin music and SFX on their next release

Scythia - Keyboards/orchestration on ..Of Exile

Archspire Orchestra outro in "All Shall Align"

Kromwell Arranging and Vocal processing to "Bakradi Party" and "Hot Body"

- Hydro (game) - Music placement of w "Watergardens"

- Cloudberry Kingdom (game) - SFX artist