Villains in the Ending - Composer/producer

Echoes - Location Sound

Starwalker - Location Sound

Value Village comercial - Location sound

Jona - Dialogue Editing

Cognizant - Dialogue mess fixer...

Audio installation - trumpet statue - North Vancouver


Dr. Fishpants - Location, Post, & Composer

Virtual Rogues - Music & Audio

1800 got junk - location sound comercial

skytrain comercial - location sound

Motherland Fort Salem - music producer


-Radiance Energy comercial - location sound

-Half Baked - Location sound

- Den of Unholy Sacrilege - composer 

-Santa Stakeout- location sound

-Connect 4 - post audio and composer

-Fist Full Of Souls - composer

2020 :

-visions of God - location & post audio

- Immunity - Location sound, post mix & Composer

- The shippwrecked hoggar - Location sound

- Solgar comercial - location sound

-Two Colours of Jahan - location & post sound, & composer


 "Revisionist History." podcast, - additional composer

Perfume of death - location sound

In the Beginning music - composer

Brushes with Memory - post audio

Central 1 comercial - location sound

Little Phillip's Birthday Present - location sound

To the Madness - audio mastering

your own good - location sound

last to know - location sound

Hallmark's Web of Dreams - sound assistant

Occult Anonymous - location sound

East Hills - comedy pilot - composer/mix

Revisionist History - podcast - choir composer

The Party - on set sound

Persuasion - Metro theatre - SFX


King Arthur's Court (Theatre) - SFX music designer

A Typical Fairytale - Composer

Nomadic Tempest (theater) - Composer and sound designer

Bachelor Daddies - Location sound

Sue Dibney - Composer & sound design

Auditions - location sound


Goodnight Mo - Composer

Ritual - location sound

ISOD - composer

Catwalk - location & post audio

Belladonnas - location sound

Mike & Lil - location sound

The Tragedy that was Valerie Finkerstien - location sound

The Librarian - Composer

Electromagic - Composer

Batgirl - All music & sound


"Sleep Paralysis"  Everything audio

"When the Wheels Fall Off" Feature post sound design editing & Mix

What a bee AKA Eye of Sol Theme song


"The Flash" TV show, Assistant music producer 

"Bring back the Egg unbroken" Sound mixer

"Evansmark" Composer

"Rosaria" Composer


"A hand in Darkness" - Documentary - music composer

Supernatural 200th episode -  Assistant music producer


"Four Pints" - feature comedy - score composer along with Michael Begley

"Captain Ballentine and the painted lady" TV Pilot - composer

Zen of Hiking - location sound

"I am a good Demon" short film- composer

"Suspended Animation" - Sound designer

"A safe place" trailer - additional music SFX & mix 

"Mystery Man" On set audio


Music composer for "Broken Sword" Samurai film

Trailer music for Nerdfest - 2012 - 2011

"Side Bets" film noir - On set recorder

Trailer music composed for "Steinwyken"

Additional composer for  "The Gauntlet"

AKA "Game of Assassins"

Worked on post audio mix/edit/sfx "The Devil's Bill"

Ace Insider show. - Composer


"War Flowers" Additional - Composer

"Fool's Gold" - short film  Composer. 

"Bathroom Etiquette" Short film. - Composer

"The Ride" Short film. - Composer

"Seven Gease" Star Wars soundalike - Composer

Splinter cell video by Conor Loftus.  - Composer

"Lip Service" - Additional string arranger


Music placed in yoga video 

"ChasingMood". Location sound

Scythia mini series one two three four five

Assistant engineer for Hellcats TV show

Remember the Keys" by Conor Loftus. - Composer


"Playing in Darkness" - Composer (ghostwriter)

Film scoring school at  Selkirk college 

"DeadEnders" - Additional composer

"Universal Ninja" - Composer