Merlin 3.0 2016

A work in progress....,

Merlin 3, featuring gemstones for keys will be my most Alluring project yet!

RIP Merlin 2.0...

Merlin 1.0

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Merlin 1.0 is a homemade MIDI controller. Controllers:

-Pitch ribbon.

-3 axis accelerometer (only using 2).

-Squeeze ribbon (mod wheel).

-2 buttons on top in the shape of marbles (patch change).

-PIR sensor on top (theremin).

-1 (volume) pot.

-PIR sensor under the hand to track movements (volume).

-PIR sensor in the top crevasse for a (panic) button.

-Joystick and button in the middle (pitch shift).

-Power button (marble) on the lower left.

-Another shift button (marble) lower right.

-2 analog photo sensors in the top 2 soapstone enclosures.

-2 digital photo sensors in the bottom 2 soapstone enclosures. (note on/off)

-switch to turn on/off accelerometer

MIDI in/out for programming. Powered by 9v or DC.

Constructed from maple wood. A RF MIDI signal can be sent out wirelessly, but I haven't completed a decent checksum receiver yet.

Construction completed Dec 31. 2009