Engineering: Anyone looking for help recording or producing their audio project just let me know! Most full project rates start at 400$ a day Canadian, but please just message me for any audio requests. Every project should be different.

Significant discounts for anyone looking to explore recording outside. :)

I can also help anyone looking to set up their own home studio with only the exact gear they need to be productive.

Diploma in audio engineering - Selkirk College.

Some Examples: Rock, Metal, Pop, Musicals, Acoustic Ballad

Some Studios I've worked in: The Warehouse, The Armoury, The Vault, Bluelight and XOXO Entertainment/RSA

My main gear choices: Logic or Pro Tools, Distressor, Mixpre, BX5a's, H6, Radius 50 pre amps and a few thousand home made and commercial plug ins.

Mics; I like to rent to fit the instrument exactly via wireless LAVs to C414s. (My c414 works great on strings too!) oktavas, neuman 82I, I also have a supply of various common dynamic and pencil condensers. (some of the best piano mics i've ever herd too!) and any rented studio, even the library can supply some solid mic choices too.

Lots of of on set sound recordings for various films too, best seen on my IMDB

2016 - Vocal producer @ Point Blank Creative

2016 - Voice over producer @ the Warehouse studio

2015 - The Flash, TV show - music production

2014 - Supernatural tv show - music production

2014 - Gladious Sky band - recording

2013 - Mournir band - recording

2013 - Terrifier band - recording

2012 - Hey Bombshell - Recording Assistant

2012 - Much Music TV awards - Music assistant

2011 - Kromwell - vocal production

2011 - Scythia ...of Exile and christmas special - recordist

2011 - Rockstar Academy TV show - on set audio

2011 - RSA student songs - producer

2010 - Hellcats - music assistant.