All plug-ins are free of charge and should work on any mac

host supporting AU or VST software. These plug-ins must

have sonic birth installed to run.

you can download sonic birth for free from their website:

Ultra Silvam - VST AU

Uses 3 stereo impulse responses to emulate walking through a forest by panning between them at different speeds.

Solid - VST AU

A mastering tool that controls the stereo spread of only the lower frequencies. <125hz get centred after 4 bars in this demo:

Demon Designer - VST AU

Sound Design synth capable of timbre shaping. Adjustable Sustain value can shape the timbre and move it at a different speed (key tracking) compared to pitch. Much like how a real instrument will shape their timbre different as they play higher but not in a direct line of the pitch.

8 bit chip - VST AU

A classic 8 bit sound synthesizer.


A simple EQ that displays how close you are to having equal high and low levels.

Pump - VST AU

Adjusts the Center of your speakers by adding or subtracting constant volume. Can be used with automation to create an extra "thump".

I have many more plug-ins not listed here, but none that are stable enough to share. Please post any ideas for new plug-ins.

A strong knowledge in synthesis is recomended in using

these plug-ins; I don’t have any help or tutorial documents

on them. However I will answer any questions about them.

Warning! Turn down/off your speaker level when switching bit rates!

Any donations will encourage me to produce more plug-ins, so if you like them, and want more, hit this button :)